Advanced Keyword Research Tips to Find Untapped Keywords

June 2, 2021 by 25 Comments

Sem &Amp;Amp; Seo Advanced Keyword Research Tips To Find Untapped Keywords

In this tutorial, you’ll learn a few advanced keyword research tips to find untapped keyword opportunities.

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When doing keyword research you’ll usually start with a broad seed, toss it into a keyword research tool, go to a keyword ideas report, and then pick a needle from the haystack.

While there’s nothing wrong with this method, it’s likely that everyone will be finding the same keywords and ignoring tons of perfectly good opportunities.

But there are ways to find untapped keyword opportunities where competition is low, but search traffic potential is medium to high.

An untapped keyword is one that’s flown under the radar. It still has search demand but is less competitive than the obvious targets.

Finding golden keyword opportunities is more about identifying patterns and then using your keyword research skills to follow a rabbit hole which can often lead you to an opportunity, a detour, and sometimes a dead end.

But you need to follow the rabbit hole to find out.

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So, in this video, you’ll learn these tactics on finding untapped keyword opportunities.

► Look at competitors’ low competition topics
► Identify unique keyword modifiers
► Look for uncommon seeds
► Find “vs” and “review” keywords

You’ll learn all the steps required to execute these tactics.


0:00 Intro
1:32 Look at competitors’ low competition topics
3:30 Identify unique keyword modifiers
5:52 Look for uncommon seeds
7:51 Find “vs” and “review” keywords at scale

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25 Replies to “Advanced Keyword Research Tips to Find Untapped Keywords”

  1. Mr Jackson says:

    When do I get my Ahrefs hoody 🤔

    1. Ahrefs says:

      It’s for our employees only 🙂
      – SQ

  2. Jarrell Social says:

    Thank you for this information very inspiring

  3. Waseem Jani Jani says:

    How to create product review Post that beats Google product update?

    1. Ahrefs says:

      Not sure if there is an answer for that.
      – SQ

    2. Waseem Jani Jani says:

      @Ahrefs i know there is no answer in video but i request to make video about product review blog post that rank google.😕

  4. Harden Nick says:

    Thanks for great video about it and your great program.
    I have a question when I’m using Ahrefs.

    Under Overview -> Organic search -> Organic keywords 2.0 and Organic keyword

    1. what’s difference between Organic keywords 2.0 and Organic keyword?
    2. In Organic keywords 2.0, the position of some keywords are written “Lost”. There’s no way I could get positioned again??

    1. Ahrefs says:

      Organic keywords 2.0 is the new version of our Organic keywords report. Organic keywords is the older version. We’re re-releasing each report one by one, but it will eventually all be the new report (aka 2.0 versions).

      “Lost” means we no longer see your page in Google for that particular keyword. Getting it back means doing better at SEO, which is what our channel is about 🙂
      – SQ

    2. Harden Nick says:

      @Ahrefs Thanks. Getting it back means doing better at SEO. <- If I could do it better, I might get my position, right? and I don't have to care "Lost" too much..? I have one more question. not sure it's related in Ahrefs. but I want to know how to check if which domain was expired or not. (about whois... sorry said other platform.)

  5. Sahil Salmani says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this ❣️

  6. Family Life And Daily Activities says:

    May I know what KD is good for a new website? I’m currently using KD 5 and lower. Also, does it matter how long is the article for one to rank on the first page of google? I love this tool.

    1. Ahrefs says:

      There’s no “perfect” KD for any website. But for new sites, you can use KD <10 to use as a filter to search for less competitive keywords :) And no, there's no "length" to hit. But there are many things you should know about how to write content that will rank on Google:
      – SQ

  7. arbaz ali says:

    This channel is goldmine:)

  8. Adnan Hafeez says:

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    1. Ahrefs says:

      Try our free tool:
      – SQ

  9. S A M Sabbir Ahasan says:

    In the number 1 tactics, how can you tell a kw is low competitive if the url slug and top kw matches? doesn’t sound logical…can u further explain plz?

    1. Ahrefs says:

      It’s just one factor that might potentially tell if it’s a good topic. You’ll have to look at other factors too, like RDs.
      – SQ

  10. Hemant Meena says:

    Sir please tech for quotes quotation website keywords
    How can find best and low keywords in this site

    1. Ahrefs says:

      Watch the video 🙂
      – SQ

    2. Hemant Meena says:

      @Ahrefswhich video
      Please tell me more
      What’s mean SQ

  11. Sadaf Khan says:

    Great information

  12. Beauty Trend Blog says:

    muy buen video y explicativo. Gracias por compartirnos la información.

  13. Imer Imran says:

    Hi Sam, great video. I have 1 question about the topic cluster, referring to your video on 5:40, is this phrase consider as a cluster i.e. (X that have A, X that have B, X that have C, etc.) are the phrase (X that have A,B,C,D etc.) is considered a cluster if I create 20 articles on it.

  14. Dana Lyn says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on these video’s Sam! I appreciate Ahref’s so, so much!

  15. Tayyab Rehman says:

    wow, love you