Blogging Tips for Beginners That Actually Work

January 8, 2020 by 16 Comments


Want to create a successful blog? In this video, you’ll learn some blogging tips that have helped us consistently get traffic to our blog.

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While there is nothing wrong with blogging about your passions, creating a successful blog goes beyond just “you”.

There are 3 buckets you should excel in to get more traction.

The first bucket is to become a better writer. Here are some tips covered in the video:
► Focus on a specific part of your niche
► Create content worth referencing
► Make your posts easy to read
► Create click-worthy headlines that aren’t clickbait
► Write compelling introductions (using the APP formula)
► Create feedback loops

You’ll learn more in detail about each tip in the video.

The second aspect is to understand the technical elements of blogging. If you do keyword research, cover your competitors’ best topics and do some basic on-page SEO, you should be on the right track.

Watch the video to learn more about those tips.

The final bucket is to get social. You’ll learn why it’s important to build an email list from day one, connect with other bloggers in your space and how to promote your content in online communities.

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1:13 Focus on a specific part of your niche
2:03 Create content that’s worth referencing
4:10 Make your post easy to read
5:09 Write click-worthy headlines that aren’t clickbait
5:47 Write introductions using the APP formula
6:45 Create feedback loops
7:48 Write about topics people are searching for
8:47 Cover your competitors’ best topics
9:20 Do some basic on-page SEO
10:09 Connect with other bloggers you admire in your space
11:22 Build an email list from day one
12:00 Promote your content in online communities

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16 Replies to “Blogging Tips for Beginners That Actually Work”

  1. Fudge the cutie says:

    if anyone want to start blogging and not have enough time to write articles
    so plz contact on telegram


  2. D V says:

    Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ , I’m a complete beginner, so forgive me if I’m talking blunder. I want to start a blog after an year, but I already have the name for the blog. What should I do to secure the name? I found that it’s available for the blog&social media too. I can start YouTube, ig, fb, Twitter with that name, but I don’t know what to do for the blog, which is the main part. Should I buy a domain name and host as well? This name means so much to me, that’s why I want to secure this name even though I will start posting only after an year (because of studies and all)

  3. Brittany Battista says:

    I haven’t started blogging yet. I’ve just been writing in a word doc for now. I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out a niche. I want to do personal experience type things with fitness, day to day life, and food lol how can I do that?

    1. Ahrefs says:

      Why not combine all of them? Your niche = “how to eat healthily & exercise day-to-day”
      – SQ

  4. Giovanna Alfanno says:

    Love this video. Great, useful and important tips very easily explained. Thank you!!!

  5. arunnc says:

    I have taken ahref subscription only because of Sam. He is a pro. 100% quality content.Top notch Real value

  6. Anjali Shukla says:

    Thanks for your quick and on point tutorial . Because I wanted to start blogging as a hobby but I just wanted to do some research on that and I get everything in one place so thank you for sharing this is easy way

  7. Wonderspeed says:

    nice introduction thanks Ahrefs

  8. seraph says:


  9. Devid Chiran says:

    Good enough 🙏

  10. frank ryan says:

    Thanks Sam great tips love it thanks for your help.

  11. Carmen Hunt says:

    Thank You for making it so simple. I feel like I have a true guideline to starting my blog.

    I didn’t want to just create anything for content and I didn’t want to have just a product page with a cart either.

    Thanks Much. Super Helpful

  12. Peaceful Nature with Sevorn says:

    Thanks much for the free info. Blessings to you

  13. NoobWith Nothing says:

    Just started my blog last month, and this tutorial is super helpful for me, thanks for creating such an awesome video!

  14. Rosie Lyna says:

    This is by far the best video I’ve watched, simple and helpful, very good job!

  15. Video Marketing University says:

    Thank you for these GEMS