How Does It Help Your Search Engine Optimization

The service is ideal for people who wish to build links to their website safely.

Because Google will not penalize it’s own properties, once you have a ring of Google Stacks around your main site you can throw as many links at these properties as you want as they won’t receive a Google penalty.

99% of businesses do not use Google stacking even though it is a great strategy to rank especially on Google Maps.

You can choose which Google property will link to your main site or select a few.

Using Google Sites and Bloggers is popular among those actually using this innovative strategy.

Google creates an indexable page with content that can rank in search engine results pages in its own right.

As Search Engine Journal notes, ”Google has been known to reward sites and domains that have high levels of activity and authority”.

The same report adds that if other websites link back to it or share links from social media posts, this could help improve its ranking further still.

You can also use this technique for social media marketing.

In conclusion, using stacks allows small-business website site owners more control over their SEO strategy without risking being penalized due to penalties imposed by Google.

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