How to Find Low Competition Keywords for SEO

April 21, 2021 by 20 Comments

Sem &Amp;Amp; Seo How To Find Low Competition Keywords For Seo

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to find low competition keywords.

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What is a low-competition keyword?

Basically, it’s a keyword that’s easy to rank for. But with so many different Google ranking factors, people generally think of low competition keywords as topics that don’t require a lot of backlinks to rank high.

But ranking high on Google isn’t always just about backlinks.

Here’s a 5-step process which will help you find low competition keywords.

The first step is to brainstorm a list of topics. Topics means broad keywords that are related to your niche.

The second step is to expand your topics with a keyword research tool.
Keyword research tools give you information about how often words and phrases are searched. They’re also the main way SEOs generate keyword lists.

You’ll learn which tool to use and how to use it.

Step three is to filter keywords for low difficulty scores. You’ll learn how to do this in the video.

The fourth step is to check if you can match search intent. Search intent tells us the reason behind a searcher’s query. And if you can’t match searcher intent, you won’t be able to rank — even if the query is so-called “low competition.”

You’ll learn how to figure out a keyword’s search intent in the video.

The final step is to assess if the keyword is truly low-difficulty.

Metrics like keyword difficulty and referring domains can only tell you so much. And while combining these metrics can be helpful, they don’t always paint a full picture.

This video will show you how to do this.

Low competition keywords are great to target when your website is fairly new or has low authority, they shouldn’t be the only strategy you use. Higher competition topics generally lead to more traffic and links, two things that all SEOs are after. Plus. competitive topics usually have higher commercial value.

So it’s still worth going after competitive topics but you should set your time horizon realistically.

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20 Replies to “How to Find Low Competition Keywords for SEO”

  1. Adish Imtiaz says:

    If count of referring domains is low but DR score is high. Then it mean that keyword is of low competition?

    1. Ahrefs says:

      It depends.
      – SQ

  2. Voltaire Pabustan says:

    Very interesting! 👍

  3. Abdul Gaffar says:


  4. Yatatu Simu says:

    Dude what software are you using for the lower third animated text with your photo in a circle?? Name please. I have been hunting for it. Would appreciate it, anyone?

    1. Ahrefs says:

      We have an animator that works on all our videos 🙂
      – SQ

  5. Md Imran says:

    what is the all in title and all in url for low competition keywords?

  6. Xvics says:

    “Set your time horizon realistically”
    Sam Oh

    I’m framing this, awesome video. ty

  7. i says:

    I started with short tail keyword and 2020 and is not really working for me can I change it to long tail keywords in this year 2021 can it still work for me because it has similar content.

  8. Bassel Nasief says:

    You are best of the best Sam! Keep going man…

  9. Dana Lyn says:

    Thank you for amazing value in this video Ahref’s !

  10. Martin says:

    Thanks a lot

  11. Tayyab Rehman says:

    I have a Question? How to Find Organic Keywords of Any Page using Ahrefs. By The way, Great Video. I am also a student and learning SEO

    1. Ahrefs says:

      Enter their URL into Site Explorer and go to Organic keywords report.
      – SQ

    2. Tayyab Rehman says:

      @Ahrefs Got it. Thanks

  12. Digital Boy says:

    What an amazing tutorial!!

  13. Ören Kız says:

    Thanks for video so reliable information for us. I want to know 😍👍 Can you please tell me Lets say ,this you did is for youtube.and top page keyword is “coconut oil for diaper rash” 450 volume and 4cpc you know!.. – the topic is cover that you know.but also rank in related keywords also. you know. but inside I see more cpc than the top page keyword. ??ı dont ask why…! but here want to learn from you sir. My video cpm will be related about 4cpc ORrr…ALLLlll!.. related keywords also ranked their cpc together will be counted as a sum ? or do I need to earn more .. if I want.. so I have to create a video that high cpc related ranked keyword as a new video ?
    honoesty!,Today I watched all of your videos and found helpful sir.İn here I stuck 😆😄help please.:)

  14. VIKASH KUMAR says:

    LOVE from INDIA

  15. D C says:

    I bought a premium SEO Course completed it,but had a few doubts so started searching them on YouTube and saw your videos and then I realised the quality of content and the value you are giving for free is unmatchable,it seems like you are attending a premium course,the way you explain everything in very concise way is superb! GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ❤️