How to Get your First 100 Backlinks

July 28, 2021 by 23 Comments

Sem &Amp;Amp; Seo How To Get Your First 100 Backlinks

In this video, you’ll learn how to get your first 100 backlinks using tried and tested link building tactics.

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Backlinks are the lifeblood of higher Google rankings. Once you start getting them, organic traffic often grows together.

But not all backlinks are created equal. A lot of sites start off by building low quality backlinks. While they may move the needle initially, they can be dangerous because they can literally wipe your site off of Google.

So, you’ll have to learn how to build high-quality backlinks to your site. While these can vary from niche to niche and even from page to page, there are a few tried and tested tactics that can work for anyone with minimal experience.

They are:
► Links from organizations, communities or clubs that you’re already part of
► Guest blogging
► Podcast interviews
► Outreach

You’ll learn how to execute each tactic in the video.


0:00 Intro
1:48 Start with communities you’re already part of
2:28 Use HARO to build links to your homepage
4:59 Do some guest posting
7:03 Do podcast interviews
8:53 Do email outreach for your best content

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23 Replies to “How to Get your First 100 Backlinks”

  1. Rolex Sayhan says:

    I am listing 25 emails in my excel sheet and that’s way can I find 100 emails from first 25 emails?

  2. Isabel Casey says:

    Thanks, Sam. This was a helpful overview of the best way to use HARO. I am new to the link building space and am looking forward to using your best practices to start acquiring links

  3. MBABAZI REMAH says:

    do you offer personal services

    1. Ahrefs says:

      We don’t 🙂
      – SQ

  4. A rnold says:

    Buy them.

    1. Ahrefs says:

      Buying links is against Google’s Terms of Service 🙂
      – SQ

  5. Tabasum Mulla says:

    My website Dr is fluctuating between 67 and 66…. I do t get it why… how do I resolve this and also da doesn’t move at all…. it’s only 45 since one time….

    1. Ahrefs says:

      DR is affected by many factors.

      DA is not our metric so unfortunately, we can’t help you with that.
      – SQ

    2. Tabasum Mulla says:

      @Ahrefs I still don’t get why should it fluctuate between the two values that is 66 and 67 its neither increasing nor decreasing

  6. ONEPOINTECH says:

    Thanks for the informative video!

  7. Callum Fyfe says:

    Hi Sam, how do you recommend using HARO as an agency? Be upfront about being a marketing agency on your profile and simply reply to emails with your clients quotes? Many thanks for the great advice in all your videos!

    1. Ahrefs says:

      Some agencies respond as the client, whereas other people are more upfront. No hard rules on what to do.
      – SQ

  8. Maria R says:

    Hi Sam Oh! Always loving your content, I would like to know if you are using OBS for recording your videos and how do you do to get the black background clean, is it chroma for OBS or any other software?

    1. Ahrefs says:

      It’s just a backdrop 🙂
      – SQ

  9. Nicolae G says:

    Hey Sam, I need your professional advise . How can I reach you?

    1. Ahrefs says:

      Try tweeting Sam 🙂
      – SQ

  10. Giorgi Peradze says:


    I have one question.

    My website have couple backlinks for different posts from same website.

    Does it help my website or not? Is it good to have multiple backlinks from same website multiple times?

  11. Антон Воронов says:

    На 5:28 – как найти сайты для гостевого поста с возможностью оставить обратную ссылку.

  12. Ali Haider says:

    When I sign up at the forum after some days they bann me how to solve this anyone helps me.

  13. Ali Haider says:

    And can anyone send me forum links that don’t ban?

  14. Laim Cattery says:

    Where can I buy backlinks?

    1. Ahrefs says:

      We don’t recommend nor encourage buying backlinks as it is against Google’s guidelines.
      – SQ