SEO Checklist: How to Get More Organic Traffic (Complete Tutorial)

July 24, 2019 by 17 Comments

Sem &Amp;Amp; Seo Seo Checklist: How To Get More Organic Traffic (Complete Tutorial)

This video walks you through our complete SEO checklist that’s helped us get over 300k monthly SEO visitors from Google. Learn how to rank higher in Google and get more traffic.

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The categories of search engine optimization spans from keyword research to on-page SEO, technical SEO, link building and more.

Tackling all these pieces at once isn’t a good idea because they can lead to confusion and overwhelm. In this video, Sam shares an SEO checklist that will help you stay optimized, organized and sane.

Firstly, you learn how to nail your basic setup by creating a sitemap and checking for a robots.txt file. You’ll also find out the essential free SEO tools that you should set up, like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Next we delve straight into keyword research by first finding a primary keyword target for your page and assessing search intent.

Sam then shows you a couple of handy ways to look for related queries to your topic and reveals a technique to find relevant keywords and subtopics for your post. We then look into assessing your chances of ranking in Google.

On-page SEO comes next. Based on some findings from Ahrefs’ research, you’ll learn the importance of using short, yet descriptive URLs, and the most important thing to optimize for when drafting a compelling title tag and meta description. Sam also shows a nice little bonus tip to find places to add relevant internal and external resources.

Next up on the SEO checklist is to create your content.

You’ll learn the importance of writing an engaging introduction and get a few tips to learn how to ensure your content is readable for the vast majority of readers. We then look into how you can ensure your content solves the problems readers are searching for.

Subsequently you’ll discover the most important white hat link building strategies and techniques:
– Find prospects who are linking to competing pages
– Expand your list of link prospects using Content Explorer
– Guest posting
– Skyscraper Technique
– Broken link building

Lastly, you’ll learn the basics to ensure your technical SEO is up to par.

You’ll learn how to run an SEO audit with Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool and additional tools to measure and fix page speed issue.

You’ll also learn how to check that your site is mobile-friendly as well as fix external and internal broken links.

Breaking SEO down to smaller bite-sized checkpoints can help you get things done effectively and efficiently. This video gives you the complete SEO checklist you need.


0:37 Start with a basic setup
2:09 Do the keyword research
6:27 Optimize your pages for search
8:49 Create useful content
11:07 Build relevant links
13:49 Don’t forget technical SEO

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17 Replies to “SEO Checklist: How to Get More Organic Traffic (Complete Tutorial)”

  1. Michael Gordon says:

    AWESOMENESS. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Bookmarking this for later use!
    Basic setup (screenshot 2:05)
    -create sitemap
    -check robots TXT file
    -set up Google analytics & search console

    Keyword Research (screenshot 6:29)
    -find primary keyword per page
    -assess search intent
    -look at related queries on topic
    -find relevant keywords & subtopics for post
    -assess your chances of ranking in Google

    On Page SEO (screenshot 8:34)
    -short & descriptive URL’s
    -compelling title & description
    -add relevant external & internal resources

    Content Creation (screenshot 11:05)
    -engaging introduction
    -focus on readability
    -solve the searchers query

    Link Building (screenshot 13:47)
    -find prospects linking to competing pages
    -expand your list
    -guest posting
    -skyscraper technique
    -broken link building

    Technical SEO (screenshot 15:51)
    -run audit crawl
    -measure & fix page speed
    -mobile friendly
    -fix broken links

    1. Om Khalil says:


  2. Adacado Ads says:

    This video was great! We incorporate a lot of these SEO strategies at Adacado. The keyword strategy section was very helpful!

  3. Shoaib Khan says:

    Great Knowledge.

  4. Din Rat says:

    Please show SEO full tutorial on Macbook

  5. vijaya bhaskar Dadi says:

    This is a power pack for SEO..

  6. Melanie Smith says:

    I’m a little confused about why “if you are selling a SEO checklist product” you wouldn’t rank. The other results are high ranking so why wouldn’t this product rank? Thanks for helping me to understand this.

  7. Ragul sivashanmugam says:

    i tried 7:45 step .but its not working .can you pls explain

  8. Twist and Toil says:

    I’m completely new great advice thanks

  9. Chandrakant Mahapatra says:

    A comprehensive treasure trove of knowledge for both newbie and seasoned marketers.

  10. Eugene Soch says:

    AMAZING VIDEO! THank you 🙂

  11. JP van Schalkwyk says:

    VERY clear and good video!

  12. Ben Lee says:

    Really solid video! Can you provide an updated for 2021 that confirms these are still a best practice? i.e. do sitemaps and robot txt files still have same value as they did in 2019 given the changes over the past 2 years?
    Thank you Sam you’re the man!

  13. Danimal says:

    Awesome content. Than you! 🙏

  14. Future science and tech says:

    Is this free for trials

    1. Ahrefs says:

      We have a $7 for 7-day trial 🙂
      – SQ

  15. Beauty by Carito says:

    well, now I have the check list to fix my website and get more views. thank you so much.